Last September, Houstonians commemorated the fifth anniversary of 9-11 by establishing the Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston. The Inaugural event was held and raised over $300,000 to provide essential equipment that was beyond the scope of funds provided through the City budget. The event was also a way to express our gratitude for our local fire fighters who daily face dangers all across our City. The sacrifices they make stretch them physically, mentally and emotionally. They work hard to prepare for the challenges, but frequently they are expected to “answer the call” without proper training and equipment.

The Houston Fire Fighters Foundation (FFFH) has been established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and is the only foundation in Houston to provide non-governmental funding to Houston’s fire fighters. The Foundation is dedicated to provide Houston’s fire fighters with the tools, technology, and equipment to better serve and protect the citizens of Houston. The importance of your support cannot be overstated. We must be prepared to respond. Building and maintaining the best prepared fire department in the nation requires supplemental non-governmental funding; that is the purpose of The Houston Fire Fighters Foundation.

On Tuesday, September 11, 2007 the Second Annual Firefighters Gala will be held at Wortham Theater. We hope you will join to support Houston’s true heroes. Mayor Bill and Andrea White will serve as Honorary Chairs of this event for The Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston. The details are outlined on the enclosed response form. We look forward to hearing of your response and thank you for your consideration of this request.