Houston, TX, April 25, 2008 – More than $99,000 worth of life-saving equipment was presented to the City of Houston Fire Department by the Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston at a presentation ceremony today.

William E. King, president and chairman of the foundation, made the formal presentation to HFD Fire Chief Phil Boriskie. “The foundation’s mission is to raise the funds necessary to make sure our fire fighters have the very best equipment to not only save the lives of our citizens but for the protection of the fire fighters themselves,” King said.

In accepting the equipment, Chief Boriskie praised the foundation for its generosity in meeting the ongoing needs of firefighters in the nation’s 4th largest city. “We all recognize that fighting fires is dangerous work, and in saving other lives our brave firefighters face many hazards. The equipment you have provided us with today and in the past has saved, and will continue to save, many lives, and we truly appreciate your dedication to making sure we have what we need to do our job effectively,” he said.

The donated equipment, which was exhibited and demonstrated at the presentation event, includes:

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras, which enable firefighters to see inside smoke filled environments. Thermal Imaging Cameras contain sensors that react to infrared energy from surrounding objects and convert the “thermal signature” to a visible image. As firefighters search building buildings, they use the cameras to locate victims who otherwise might go unnoticed. They can also be used to detect hidden fires and catch them before they spread. The foundation donated eight of these cameras for the department.
  • E-Z-Radiocom II units, for fast, safe communication when a firefighter is in trouble. The foundation donated 32 of these units.
  • Blitz Monitor, which is a small portable monitor that can be deployed by a single person. Blitz monitors are supplied by a 2 1/2″ line and typically will flow up to 500 gallons per minute. The foundation donated four of these monitors.

In addition, the foundation donated $2,500 each to the HFD’s Valor Awards, Honor Guard, and Pipes and Drums organizations.

The Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston is a nonprofit organization that provides non-governmental funding to Houston firefighters. Every year it purchases tools, technology and equipment to firefighters – filling the gap between the needs of the HFD and limited government funding. The foundation raises most of its funds through an annual gala, which is held Wortham Center every September 11th to commemorate the courage and dedication of the New York City fire fighters during the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on that day in 2001.

This year’s donation represents a $40,000 increase over last year’s amount.

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